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Essential Windows applications

The following is a short list of applications I routinely install on my family’s Win7-based computers (two 11″ Acer netbooks and an older Sony laptop).

  • Avast. Free antivirus. The period between which I install Avast and when I have to reformat a virus-crippled machine is about 6 months with risky browsing practices. I may experimentally switch to AVG.
  • ComicRack. Awesome if you read comics.
  • Firefox. I install the following add-ons: noscript and adblock plus.
  • Foxit. An alternative to Adobe Reader.
  • Google Earth. I uninstall the bundled Chrome browser.
  • iTunes. Will probably drop this one eventually, I haven’t found an alternative I like yet.
  • LibreOffice. I limit the installation to the word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet components.
  • MalwareBytes.
  • Photoshop. I still run v6, but may someday switch to a modern version of GIMP.
  • Silverlight. Makes Netflix go.
  • uTorrent.
  • VLC Player.

I also pin the following Windows accessories to the start menu: Paint, Calculator, and Notepad.

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